How To Repair A Curbed Tire

As you drive along the open roads of Vero Beach, you shouldn’t hear any noises beyond your favorite tunes coming from the radio or the wind rushing past your windows. If you should happen to, unfortunately, misjudge a turn or parking maneuver, you may be plagued with an unsettling grinding noise. When you find your wheel has curb rash, don’t worry. Our Honda service department is here with some tips and tricks on how to repair a curbed tire.

Repair Your Curbed Wheels In Vero Beach

More and more cars are moving away from steel wheels to all-aluminum or aluminum alloy wheels, meaning that repairs are coming easier and easier. Our Honda service department is happy to complete this repair for you, but if you feel you’d rather attempt to complete it yourself, we can provide you with the necessary tools required to complete this repair.

DIY kits are available for this particular repair. The process to repair a curbed wheel isn’t totally simple, but it can be done. Here’s how:

  • Remove all dirt, paint, and protective finishes.
  • Sand down the damaged area, patch it with filler, and sand or buff it to a smooth finish to remove scratches.
  • Prime the damaged area, paint it to match the original finish, and top it with a clear-coat finish

Unfortunately, if your wheel has received significant damage, the repairs can go beyond the surface. If that happens to be the case, one of our certified Honda service technicians will be happy to fix your wheel right away. If you find you curb your wheels often, there are tires designed to protect rims available. Rim protectors, flange shields, or scuff guards protect the wheels from curbs and even some potholes.

If you have any more questions on how to repair a curbed wheel or want to schedule service, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Vero Beach Honda dealership today. We’ll be happy to help.