Oil Change 101

Get An Oil Change Near Fort Pierce And Vero Beach, FL

If the engine is the heart of your Honda, consider its oil the lifeblood. Oil is an essential component of your vehicle, and regular oil changes are a critical part of keeping it running in tip-top shape for years to come. If you’re not a motor oil expert, never fear! Our Vero Beach Honda service department will fill you in on some of the most common questions people have about oil changes.

How Can I Tell If My Motor Oil Is Bad?

Today, many Honda vehicles offer a digital readout of remaining oil life. But there’s nothing wrong with doing a little investigating yourself! If you check your engine oil and notice that the oil comes out in globs on the dipstick, feels gritty between your fingers, or is milky in appearance, you’re likely overdue for an oil change.

Should I Be Concerned If My Dipstick Shows Black Oil?

If the dipstick reveals black oil, don’t worry. Black oil is to be expected and it indicates that the oil is doing its job.

How Often Should I Change My Oil Near Fort Pierce?

It’s important to consult your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to be sure about how often you should change your oil, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s not as often as you think! Many of today’s engines are designed to run for 5,000 miles or more, and some are even designed for oil changes every 10,000-15,000 miles! Always check your owner’s manual for the specifications listed by the manufacturer, though, and keep in mind that certain driving conditions may speed up the need for an oil change.

What Happens To An Engine Without Oil?

When your engine tries to operate without oil, things get hot – and fast. Without proper lubrication, all of your engine’s metal parts start rubbing together, generating an unsustainable level of heat, and wearing prematurely. The engine will then seize up and fail, a problem that could potentially leave you stranded and stuck with hefty repair costs.

Where Can I Get A Honda Oil Change Near Me?

Vatland Honda in Vero Beach is more than happy to keep your Honda running at peak performance with an oil change service. Schedule your service appointment today!